16-17th June | The Battle of Barga

AD 1230. in Pieve di Loppia near Barga a very powerful political and religious figure of the time, the Piese Ottonello, encourages the inhabitants not to pay taxes imposed by the Government of Lucca. The armies of Lucca, commanded by Bishop Opizzone, march on Loppia, destroying the castle. Then Lucca moves against Barga and besieges it ... The battle begins ... The re-enactment of the Battle for Barga refers to this historical moment and is based in particular on a series of events that occurred from the end of the 12th century for nearly 30years of the 13th that fuelled ancient rivalry between Barga and the City of Lucca. At the end of the twelfth century the Barga’s citizens supported their lords, the Rolandinghi, an historic family of Lombard origin, in the anti-Lucca alliance. This great military political alliance, however, ended with a series of battles and sieges by the people of Lucca in Garfagnana. With these premises we arrive at our historical event. Thanks to a re-enactment that takes into consideration the smallest of details from the costumes, instruments to coordinated movements all and under the supervision of the historical association ‘Mansio Hospitalis Lucensi’ in the person of its President Diego Micheli and with the notable support of the Pro Loco of Barga and the city of Barga. The castle of Barga will prepare for the siege, recalling all it soldiers into the walls in preparation to defend.


16th June 

  • 14.00: Opening ceremony Piazzale del Fosso, Via del Pretorio e Duomo
  • 15.00 – 16.00 : Battle enactments in the streets.
  • 17.00: Photographic exhibition by PIERO CELLI in the Studio Giorgia Madiai, via del Pretorio
  • 17.30: Round table discussion in Italian at the Volta del Menchi
  • 17.00 -18.00: “Wargames” in the streets
  • 18.30: Duomo- Vespers sung by the Community of Jesus
  • 19.00: Opening of the taverns and restaurants, typical medieval food will also be available.*
  • 21.30: Re-inactment of the histroric Battle for Barga in Piazzale del Fosso
  • 23.00: Close

17th June

  • 10.30: opening of the encampments
  • 10.30: Round table discussion in Italian at the Volta del Menchi
  • 11.15: Mass in the Duomo
  • 12.00: Opening of the taverns and restaurants, typical medieval food will also be available. *
  • 14.00: Falconry next to the Duomo
  • 14.00 – 15.00: “Wargames”
  • 15.00: Historic archery
  • 16.00: Re-enactment of the ‘Battle for Barga’ in Piazzale del Fosso Battaglia per Barga
  • 17.00: Falconry next to the Duomo
  • 19.30: Closer.

During the day the encampments will be populated by artisans in period dress who are willing to talk about their craft.

The will be a shuttle service from the car park near the John Moscardini Stadium. Guided tours of the ‘Duomo’ and of the city.

* The will be places to eat in the ‘Fosso’ and near the ‘Duomo’ as well as local restaurants.


La Battaglia per Barga 2018


La Battaglia per Barga 2018 - Map

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