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XIII century.

The growing power of Italian cities threatens what remains of the rights and lands of the feudal world.

The lords of the Valle del Serchio, heirs of the ancient Lombard nobility, appealed to the emperor Frederick Barbarossa to defend themselves against the expansionist aims of Lucca, but the city took advantage of the problems of the Empire to invade Garfagnana.

The surviving nobles then turned directly to the Pope who in 1229 confirmed their rights and autonomy.

Ignoring once again papal prohibitions and threats, the bishop of Lucca takes advantage of a revolt to subdue the richest municipalities in the Valley. Meanwhile, in Loppia the powerful parish priest, driven by the money and pressure from Pisa, urges the people to oppose the aims of Lucca.

The shadow of the war spreads over the territory of Barga.

Let the battle begin.


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